czwartek, 6 czerwca 2013

At home with Don Matteo

The series of "ojciec Mateus", a Polish copy of the "Don Matteo", is set in a charming old town of Sandomierz. The historic settlement was erected on seven hills towering over the Vistula and San rivers. The architecture is mainly Renaissance but earlier styles can clearly be seen, too. It is extremely interesting to follow the saints' death dates on the 18 c. paintings in the cathedral. Your birthdate found next to a dead saint is a forecast of the type of death you may die: in a battle from a sword, quietly in bed, poisoned etc ....

There is also underground life :) The guide will take you through a system of corridors under the Market Place and the renaissance houses. These used to be the merchants' cellars and stores. In the "golden times" of the First Noble Republic of Poland; i.e. 16/ 17 centuries, the local merchants were extremely rich from trading in grain that was shipped down the Vistula to Gdańsk.

From the city, over the valley, the Pepper Mountains are in view. They are very old mountains with a unique collection of wild roses and unique grey-black, striped mineral which is used for jewellery.
The Cathedral

Don Matteo Cafe

The Market Place. This anchor, and especially the chain rising on its own is for the joy of tourists indicating them nice weather. It also makes a favourite site for photo taking of new married couples where looking at the chain gives the groom the feeling of being a complete male.