sobota, 24 sierpnia 2013

Modern Walking

Although a common saying goes that in the city of Gdynia there are no historical buildings, because Art Deco is too young to deserve such label, and it may hardly compare to the respected Gothic and late Renaissance Old Town of the neighbouring ancient city of Gdańsk, the Gdynia citizens and urban designers are charmed by the modern look of this much cherished child of the II Republic of Poland.
The local Inspector of Monuments is very much engaged in propagating the knowledge about the interesting city centre and special Gdynia Architecture Weekend Walks were stared last year. So, we are walking ! This weekend we have been given the opportunity to visit inside the new arrivals which normally are not open to public: primarily the just completed 60 000 sq. meter large Pomeranian Technology&Science Park housing temporarily about 100 companies set for developing innovative technologies within the area of multimedia, environment protection and biotechnology, with target number of 300 and the Experiment Science Centre part, a hall where physics and nature phenomena are explained in a hand-on-experience way. The latter shall open as it says on the façade: 7th September. Since the whole investment is transparent, it was possible to take some pictures from outside, before we were taken inside to visit the most prominent of the latest architecture in the city.

Not very impressive inside :)

But the kitchens are quite inviting ...

some offices quite nice


Here is the Experyment Science Centre:


Photos through the glass

This will be the entrance

Inside prior to the opening

Educators are practicing the experiments

Then, the group moved to another office building, completed in 2011 which offers splendid views of the city and the sporting facilities from a large terrace on top floor. Lucky employees of LG, or City Cleaning Services can have nice coffee or smoke breaks al fresco.

The foot bridge over the tracks bringing people to the stadiums and us to the Sanipor Office Building

The church of Franciscan Friars through the bridge element

The bridge viewed from across trhe tracks from under the roof of a petrol sttaion
The 2011 prize winner: the Sanipor Office Building

The address

the prize winner

From outside

From inside

Looking up

We have arrived at the magnificent terrace!

The vie off the terace over the National Rugby Stadium !

The view over the sports hall

A perfect observation point of the railway traffic !

A good view over many city details

The Sports and Concert Hall was completed in 2008 combining the maritime (the ropes) and nature (the grass on slopes) elements in its architecture.

This is going to be the vastest shopping centre in North Poland due to open this coming October! Its name is Wzgórze [“the Hill”] but rumour has it that owing to the rising number of Russians visiting this area within the latest visa simplifications scheme for the Kaliningrad region citizens and the seamen arriving at the port, the name shall be “Riviera” to make it easier for the foreigners to pronounce ….  .

Passing from the sport centre to the shopping centre

The new Shopping Centre is supposed to resemble ships

The centre from across the tracks

Gdynia is a bike-friendly city