środa, 15 stycznia 2014

Jan Kochanowski - the Man of Renaissance

The place the Kochanowski family manor used to stand.
Jan Kochanowski was a very illustrious man of letters of Poland. He started his education in Cracow in its famous Jagellonian Academy and continued in Königsberg and Padua. He set the standards of Polish language. Owing to his education, he served the king as royal secretary
He was born in Sycyna in the estate of his father in 1579.
The entrance  to the area of the former Kochanowskis estate
The coat of arms of the Kochanowski family
The relics of the Kochanowski manor house
Jan Kochanowski died unexpectedly in 1584 in Lublin, and his body was brought to his parish church in the town of Zwoleń, where the tomb and the epitaph have been well looked after to this day.

The church in Zwoleń

The tomb in the crypt. You can make light on to see it.