sobota, 10 sierpnia 2013

Japan Navy in Poland

National sensational news - the Japan Emperor's Navy arrived in Gdynia for the first time in history!

 Three warships - one moored at the promanade of Gdynia  and two - in the closed harbour, opposite the Gdynia Navy Port.

Probably understandable

Altogether 700 men. For the first two days they were brought on tours of Sopot and Gdańsk. Gdynia was on hand as there was a shuttle bus for the cadets getting them from the harbour to the city centre.

Two visits of Sopot and Gdańsk with the Oliwa Cathedral.
Having some experience with the Asian groups, I was not very much convinced about their command of English. And I wanted to "show off" by greeting them in Japanese. So, a phone call to Korea to ask my daughter how to say "Good morning, gentlemen". And there it came: "Ohio gozajmas". So, I am greeting them and immediately inform that it is about all I can say in their language. Off we go to Sopot. On the way I explain some facts about the city of Gdynia, then basic history of the seaside resort of Sopot. When the bus stops I instruct them over the microphone to get off. No one is moving. Then I go again "We're getting off". Silence and no movement. "Well" - I thought - "there we are. Any use of talking to them?". There were two officers, I think, who were in charge and one reflected on what I was trying to do and gave them an order. Everyone got off. I quickly asked him to tell me what the expression was. And when later getting off by the cathedral I went on the microphone in the soldier manner: "Orimas!". It worked ! I have a very vague feeling that the boys had no idea of what I laboriously, because in an awkward manner to make myself comprehensible, tried to explain to them the sites we were looking at. What is more, it was unusually hot, so generally exhausting. One group presented me and the driver with some Japanese sweets.

No idea what is inside. But when I pressed it, it was soft like plasticine. No idea what the characters said. However, I ran the risk to open it and taste. The texture is silicon with a little jelly. The sweet taste difficult to specify :)

We also were presented with such a badge to pin into the jacket:

The boys were very nice but it is a hardship work talking to them. Today, on Saturday, they were supposed to run the sea manouvers with the Polish Navy for the first time in the history of both states.

Entrance into the Navy Commander's Office in Gdynia