sobota, 17 sierpnia 2013

A walk along the beach in Gdynia

It is a good thing to have a stroll along the seashore on a hot summer day rather than fry in the heat on sand. Gdynia offers a nice distance from the city centre  to the wooden pier in Orłowo, before the war a very popular seaside resort.
The walk offers very scenic views:

You may even encounter quite unusual activities of other people against the usual do-nothing-but-tanning:

Then there is the cliff which lures not only holiday makers but some professionals as well:

look at the people on the left :)

Almost at the foot of the cliff there have survived a few traditional fishermen:

Then you arrive at the pier where the breeze gently soothes the sun rays on your skin:

The area is beautifully arranged:

And, given the scientific information about the fish, you may order one in the Tawerna Orłowska restaurant:

Welcome to Gdynia Orłowo!